History Of Dashora Samaj

It Is Believe That Prashnora Nagar Are Belongs To Junagarh. In Junagarh The Main temple of Lord hatkeshwar Is Located Who Is Our god Which We Most Worship (Isht Dev). They Never Aspect Any Type Of Charity and Other Things From Anyone. From This Prashnora Nagaer One Part Of People Gone Mandsore Which was Known As Dashpur!!!1

Pic of Pashupatinath.. In Mandsaur

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8 comments on “History Of Dashora Samaj

  1. This is Ravi Dashora from A’bad. Website is good & looking lots of information about Dashora’s. Good job done Congrtualtion to Mohnis for this work.

  2. Dear Monishji,
    This is Krishnakant Nagar from Khargone. The website and shared information about Dashora Samaj is pretty nice. But i have a suggestion here to add a Matrimony column too for all the Dashora Samaj Boys and Girls for which parents are likely to share information about their child’s; so that other parents can get useful information from here, who are looking for Brides and Grooms. Because as i know there is no such matrimony site specially for Malwa-Nimar currently. We can collect information from parents from lots of Samaj Sammelans which are organizing by Samaj time-to-time. Ujjain Patrika which was printed i think in 2010 was a very good example to let samaj people to choose Brides/Grooms for their child’s.

  3. Hi ,

    Really it is a very good initiative ,this website is a good medium to know more about our community :)
    If there is any matrimonial site or something please let us know .


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